Drop whatever you’re doing, rally up your crew and book your day on the water. It’s not a real summer without Montreal Boat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it begins to rain or the weather conditions are bad?

You can either reschedule or request a full refund, it is always to the captain's discretion if the experience will be canceled.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, we recommend bringing your own food and drinks in a cooler.

Can we stop somewhere to swim?

Yes, you will be able to swim throughout the day.

What is included in the Yacht rental?

Each of our yacht rentals include: captain, skipper, life jackets, yacht amenities, water, ice, and fuel.

What location will my Yacht rental depart from?

Each charter yacht has its own departure point. Our friendly staff will inform you of the departure point at the time of booking.

Is there parking in the area?

Yes, there is parking at most of the docks.

What does Rafting look like?

Rafting is when we tie multiple boats together and our guests can cross onto each yacht.

Can I plug in/connect my own music?

Yes of course, all our Vessels have a good sound system, feel free to connect and play the best music for your crew.

What happens if I can not make it on time for the yacht departure?

Arriving a couple of minutes or even an hour late isn’t usually a problem, the Yacht or Boat will not leave without you although when your expected booking time is up it must return back to the dock for the following groups.

Is there a contract that needs to be filled out?

Yes, a contract/agreement is sent as soon as the booking is made. The contract/agreement will need to be filled out and returned before the experience.

What if I can't get a group of 10 people?

Montreal Boat has weekly events where you can book with a friend or two and come party and enjoy your experience with other guests on board. Just send us a message to find out the exact dates to purchase your tickets and save your spot!

What can I do if I am prone to seasickness?

If you are prone to seasickness or nausea, please take a look here for some tips before you travel. Our guests have found excellent remedies that have inhibited any unpleasant nausea during sailing. We have not, however, resolved nausea caused by too many cocktails.

Is smoking permitted on board?

YES! Smoking on all our Yachts and Boats are permitted on board, although smoking in the cabins of the Yachts are completely prohibited.

What is your on-site COVID policy?

The health and safety of our guests and Montreal Boat employees is a priority. Montreal Boat is committed to taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of our guests and workers from the hazard of COVID-19. All Yachts and Boats are continuously disinfected before any group boards. All Yachts and Boats follow a sanitary check list before and after a group boards. Montreal Boat is also committed to compliance with all applicable public and occupational health and safety, human rights, privacy, and other laws in the development and implementation of this Policy. All Montreal Boat crew is adequately protected from COVID-19 and are COVID-19 RAPID TESTED before boarding any Yacht or Boat.

Can we rent a Limousine to our Yacht or Boat?

Of course! Montreal Boat has several limousines available with your very own themed limo and private chauffeur too and back from your Yacht or Boat. Why not walk out on a red carpet to your luxury Yacht or Boat? Send us a message for all inquiries.

Can we have a Host/Hostess on board the experience?

YES! Feel free to message us and we will assign a Host/Hostess to service you on your experience.

How much should I tip?

Tipping is customary in the maritime industry, it shows appreciation to the Crew for getting you back ashore safely and of course for the above and beyond experience and service they will provide you on board. You can tip anything you’d like however between 5-10% is common.

When should I book?

AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! Spots fill up extremely quick even before the summer. Weekends tend to fill up quickly as well.

Do the Yachts or Boats have washrooms?

YES! The majority of our Yachts and Boats all have washrooms on board that are disinfected before and after each use by the crew.

What method of payments are accepted?

We accept credit card payments, cash payments and E-transfers as well.

Do you require a deposit?

YES, we require a deposit to reserve your date with Montreal Boat, the deposit then goes towards your balance and the remaining balance is paid for 24hrs before the experience on board.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit for your reservation is refundable if the cancellation is done 5 DAYS prior the booking reservation date. Montreal Boat withholds a 149.99$ transaction fee even if the cancellation is done 5 DAYS prior the booking reservation date which is also mentioned in the agreement.

Does Montreal Boat have any sail boats?

No, Montreal Boat only has motor Yachts.

Can I purchase Montreal Boat merchandise?

We sell our merchandise at cost! Just simply send us a message through our email or instagram and we’ll have some cool Montreal Boat merchandise for you upon your arrival on board or we can even have one shipped right to you. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

How do I book with Montreal Boat?

The best way to book with Montreal Boat is directly through our website or instagram @montrealboat, send us a message and one of our representatives will be right with you. You can also reach us by email at and one of our representatives will reach out within 24 hours!

Can we drive the Vessels without a Captain on board?

No, our vessels are not for rent without designated captains under any circumstances.

Are there Jet-skis included?

Jet-skis are not included in any of our packages, although Montreal Boat does have a jet-ski fleet and it can be organized for your group if ever it is of interest.

Do we have to tip the drivers?

The Montreal Boat crew is on board to offer each guest a memorable experience on board and to insure you have the greatest time on board. If you enjoyed your experience with Montreal Boat and the Crew provided a beyond amazing service feel free to leave a gratuity.

Do you have any age restrictions?

There are NO age restrictions, but we do suggest at least one person over the age of 18 to be on board with the group at all times as the designated responsible adult.

Is alcohol permitted on board?

YES! On all our Yachts and Boats you can bring your very own alcohol. Montreal Boat discourages underage drinking.